We are driven by the passion and desire to create value-added conceptual solutions with streamlined design and creativity.

Grouleff.dk offers innovative solutions and services to the international health care sector. Our customers range from dealers to OEM production adopted by the largest players in the market. Displayed below a selection of our portfolio.


At Grouleff.dk we design, develop and manufacture our products ourselves, this with dedicated focus on constantly improving the workflow for the users with considerable benefits for the patients.


Based on customer feedback Grouleff.dk uses our experience as a significant player within the health care industry, to integrate proven technologies and design into working products.



We are simplifying and improving our products by focusing on the users and care providers. With the combination of clinical experience, knowledge and customer feedback we strive to improve patient outcome and thereby offering financial  attractive products for the clinics.


At Grouleff.dk we possess the enthusiasm in offering optimal solutions based on the needs and wishes from our users and patients. We truly believe that we minimize thresholds and create remarkable differences in the health care system with our innovative and affordable products. Using state-of-the-art components makes our products technologically advanced and durable, yet affordable.


With more than 36 years of market experience, we have developed and manufactured several pioneer breakthroughs to our customers.


Our premises are in Silkeborg in western Denmark.

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