G190812 0000 MRI Trolley

For bringing a patient to the MRI scanner to be scanned with the mattress



  • MRI safe 3T
  • Detachable fiber tabletop 200 x 60cm with manual table locks
  • Hydraulic adjusted working height from 60cm to 85cm
  • Adjustable tabletop upper end stop
  • Large wheels with central total and direction lock.
  • Weight capacity up to 250kg.



  • Side guards
  • Drip stand
  • Mattress 3 or 5cm with handle


Technical data:

  • MRI safe - 3T
  • Table frame and parts is made of antimagnetic material and painted off white
  • Distance between columns 70cm
  • Detachable fiber tabletop 200 x 60cm with head support
  • Adjustable tabletop upper end stop
  • End rails for mounting of equipment.
  • Hydraulic foot pump for adjusted of vertical tabletop movement 60cm-85cm
  • 150mm wheels with central triple-function foot brake, total lock, free and direction lock.
  • Rubber brake pedals to avoid damage of ankles and legs
  • Weight of table: 75kg
  • Max. Weight of patient: 250kg.
  • One year of warranty
  • Manufactured according to CE directive with CE-approval
  • Manufactured in Denmark


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